#6: Bangkok Haul

Just a quick note to share with you what I bought during my trip to Bangkok. Bangkok has treated me so so well. Been to Bangkok many times but I always find myself in love with everything there, from the people to the food, the weather (even though it was a little hot and humid), and the shopping. Actually we didn’t shop a lot as the main reason of the trip was for us to explore the city and enjoy what the city offers (besides shopping). However, I just couldn’t stop myself when we passed by the Thann store in Siam Discovery. Thann is a local Thai brand which got famous for its Thann Sanctuary spa, I’ve heard that its spa got booking schedule months in advance and very expensive. Hah. So I just can afford myself to some of its products. I bought the Rice Bran Cleansing Oil which is a very good make up remover. It is mineral oil and paraben FREE. Also the oil includes some organic ingredients such as Camellia, Sesame and Olive Oil. There are 2 ways to use the oil, one is using it with a cotton pad and the other is massaging it into your skin then wash with water. After using it, there is no greasy feeling at all, and your skin feel so clean and smooth and I LIKE IT so much that I purchased some extra bottles to give to friends and family. The cleansing oil’s smell is also nice, a subtle floral smell. And do you know that Rice Bran oil (Vietnamese: dầu cám gạo) can whiten your skin? Hah. I also bought the Nano Shiso Body Butter… which is best seller at Thann. After trying it at the store, I decided to purchase it as it was too nice on my skin…. The sale lady was very nice and we were lucky to get a 10% off from retail price 🙂 as it was Mother Day in Thailand. How lucky! I should say that the body butter jar is HUGE. And it even includes a spoon/spatula for taking the cream out from the jar. Such a nice detail! as I never see any brand to include spoon/spatula into a body cream.




And when I was waiting for my flight back Hanoi, I stopped by Chanel as a habit and ended up buying these little things. Actually I bought the lipstick as gifts for my friend as I promised her before to buy her a Chanel lipstick but last time after buying it London Heathrow I couldn’t remember where I put them so this time I have to buy these lipsticks again (same colours). And my favourite perfume as a treat for myself 🙂



4 thoughts on “#6: Bangkok Haul

  1. Chị ơi cho em hỏi với ạ, em tẩy trang này của Thann với của Shu chị thấy em nào ổn hơn ạ? 🙂

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